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Earset – The Newest Wireless Earphones from Bang & Olufsen

The newest wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen, Earset is a classic example of expert engineering and design. Earset is designed with precision for effortless comfort and powerful sound. Read on to discover how Earset is your perfect on-the-go companion for music and more! Evolution of a Design Icon Earset is an example of how

  • BeoSound 2 – An Immersive Sound Experience from Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound 2 – An Immersive Sound Experience from Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound 2 is a powerful, multi-room wireless speaker system from Bang & Olufsen, and we’re proud to offer it in our Naples showroom! Like all of Bang & Olufsen’s products, this speaker is fine-tuned for sound performance, design, and ease of connectivity. Discover why BeoSound 2 is the ultimate choice for superior sound and design.

BeoPlay H8i and H9i – Premium Wireless Headphones

An unparalleled listening experience from Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8i and H9i are the latest wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen, and they’re available at our showroom in Naples! Designed to move you, these contemporary, luxury headphones are packed with Bang & Olufsen’s Signature Sound. Crafted from carefully-selected materials such as soft lambskin, cowhide leather

  • BeoVision Eclipse: An Incredible Viewing Experience from Bang & Olufsen

BeoVision Eclipse: An Incredible Viewing Experience from Bang & Olufsen

The world’s best sounding TV BeoVision Eclipse from Bang & Olufsen is a high-end 4K Smart TV, and it’s now available for purchase in our Naples showroom! Not only does the BeoVision Eclipse deliver powerful sound performance and exceptional design, but also an incredible display and beautiful, pristine images. With this TV, you’ll feel immersed

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BeoSound Shape: A Custom Sound Experience by Bang & Olufsen

An off-the-wall music experience with Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape from Bang & Olufsen is a high-end, customizable wall speaker system, and it’s available for purchase at our showroom in Naples! The BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design-conscious music lovers who want an amazing sound experience without the clunky look of

The Beoplay P2 Portable Speaker, now offered at Design West

The Beoplay P2 portable speaker is the newest product from Bang & Olufsen, and it’s now available for purchase at our showroom in Naples! We are proud to offer the Bang & Olufsen brand, which specializes in state-of-the-art consumer electronics. Their products are crafted to provide the ultimate sensory experience, with sleek designs, razor-sharp

Featured B&O Product: BeoLab 90

The New, More Intelligent Loud Speaker by Bang & Olufsen According to Bang & Olufsen, their new BeoLab 90 speaker is Changing the Future of Sound. The new speaker contains a multitude of new technologies, and with its new world-class design and acoustics, may be the most complete and powerful digital loudspeaker designed for use

Featured B&O Product: Beolit 15

Fill any room or area with power, clarity and passion with the Beolit 15.  Enjoy this powerful but portable one-point music system that streams from AirPlay, or watch a great movie on your iPad! Simply click the AirPlay icon and you instantly enhance the experience with the awesome sound of Beolit 15. Party Smart with

Featured B&O Product – BeoPlay V1

Enjoy the powerful but portable BeoPlay V1 TV featuring a flexible stand and mounting options, premium picture and sound quality, and an intelligent remote to control all your devices, available exclusively at Design West. Picture Perfect Bang & Olufsen goes to great lengths to improve picture quality with every step of the way. Their dedicated

Featured B&O Product – BeoLab 18

Award winning, optimal sound, beautifully crafted. Available exclusively at Design West. The BeoLab 18 is “the crowning glory” of Bang & Olufsen that combines design, acoustic technology and unprecedented sound performance, taking wireless audio quality to a whole new level. The acoustic lens spreads optimal sound quality evenly through the room in a 180-degree horizontal