Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2020

With summer just around the corner, we’re all thinking about how best to enjoy the stunning Florida sunshine. While the beaches and parks are lovely, there’s nothing like relaxing in the comfort and beauty of your own backyard. Make the most of your outdoor space with our top five trends in outdoor living for 2020.

How To Use Mirrors To Create Larger and Lighter Spaces

Mirrors are standbys in bathrooms and bedrooms, and they’re often found over the fireplace, but their role in a home can be far greater and more dramatic than that. Though essential for checking your appearance, they can also radically boost the sense of space in a room. Used creatively, mirrors can create fascinating optical illusions,

KITCHEN INSPIRATION: Rules For Creating Your Dream Kitchen

  “How much storage space do I need?” The trick is to catalog your kitchen and tools and determine the amount of space that fits your lifestyle. Don't rush the process of kitchen planning, a poorly planned kitchen can lead to daily frustration. Kitchens top the list of rooms in which you need to get

Home is where the heart is: Creating intimate spaces

Home design has changed considerably in the last fifty years. Homes today are being built with open floor plans. While that change has been revolutionary in many ways, it has also posed a challenge with creating intimate spaces in the home. Most homeowners want a large, open floor plan, and yet still want to retain

Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

Author: Payton Scott If you spend a little time on Pinterest or Instagram, you may have noticed that color is definitely back. In fact, we will be encouraged in 2019 to think outside-the-box by introducing more textures, colors, and patterns into our rooms. Striking and memorable—with a bombshell or two in the mix—these 2019 home decortrends are a perfect

Natural Design Elements

Author: Madison Vincent Bringing in natural elements to a space may seem simple to most. Many incorporate elements of the outdoors by using hardwood flooring and include greenery in their décor. These ways are good uses of natural elements and bringing in warmth within a space, but there are many ways that these elements can

The Latest Trends in Lighting

At Design West, we believe light is an integral component of a room’s design. There are different purposes for light in a room, and our job is to blend the different layers of light together. Like any other aspect of design, lighting has evolved over the years. Interior Design Assistant Caitlin Litts shares her perspective

3 Ways to Implement Faux Finishes

Faux finishes are back in a big way. A faux finish is a decorative paint or finish that replicates the appearance of materials such as natural stone, metals, or specialty textures. They can be used to add warmth, texture and interest to any space. Our interior designer Raquel Bloam shares three reasons why you should

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Coastal California comes to Naples: Fronterra Model Homes

Coastal California comes to Naples! Earlier this year, the team at Design West with CC Homes to design three model homes for the brand-new Fronterra community in Naples. This family-friendly community is in a prime location in Naples – just minutes from downtown, 5th Avenue, and the beach. Fronterra homes are timeless, with a fresh