We’re saying goodbye to 2020 (thank goodness), and there’s a lot of optimism for what 2021 will bring—including new home design and decor trends. Here’s a look at 5 trends that we think will be big in the year to come.


Comfortable, Traditional Furniture

Photo of interior design showing use of color and varying patterns to show  traditional comfort.

Photo Cred: Period_Living

With so many working from home, the need for truly comfortable, attractive furniture is higher than ever.


Natural Material and Lighter Wood Tones

Image of minimalist kitchen demonstrating use of natural woods and stones in new home design trends. .

Modern Moorings

There’s a yearn for simpler times, and we think it’ll show up in more and more home designs in the form of more natural materials that bring warmth and texture to a space.


Tropical-inspired Colors

A vibrant tropical blue bathroom with modern palm leave wall paper to show tropical inspired home design trend.

Senza Model

Bold colors are back, and while in lockdown, the desire to bring some beachy tropical flair has gotten stronger than ever.


Coastal Decor

A simplistic coastal bedroom design to showcase the home design trend inspired by the beach.

Torino Way

Living and working in Florida, has coastal decor ever not been a hit?



Luxurious and warm kitchen shown to demonstrate the rising home design trend of "cottagecore."

Talis Park

Simple designs with touches of luxury—”Cottagecore” has jumped in popularity as more people are finding comfort in this mix of cute, rustic, elegant, nostalgic, vintage style.