If you’re like us, you love to get a jump on holiday and Christmas decorations as soon as possible. You’re also like us if you’re always on the lookout for beautiful seasonal home decor. While keeping your home decluttered, and tastefully elegant, here are our suggestions for 3 holiday decor trends to keep and 3 to get rid of for 2020.


In: Naked and Natural Neutrals

Photo Credit: Kate Marker Home

Farmhouse holiday chic is among the top trending holiday looks for 2020. Look for natural wood signs, burlap lap runners, white and beige holiday pillows and throws, tree cuttings and more. 


Out: Glitter Explosions

There’s nothing wrong with a little glitz and glam, but this season, people are getting back to the basics. Which leaves overly shiny and glittery decorations out in the cold.


In: Traditional & Vintage Decor

Credit: Sweet and Spark

Think back to your parents’ (or even grandparents’) traditional holiday decorations. Did you have a ceramic tabletop tree? Maybe a rosy-cheeked Santa figure smiling at you and some knit or felt stockings hanging by the fireplace? All of your favorite nostalgic decor is back in style, so feel free to raid the attic for some forgotten finds.


Out: Tinsel & Plastic

People are thinking more about the environment in all facets of life, and this extends to seasonal decor. Leave the tacky disposable tinsel off your tree this year and steer clear of any foil garlands. 


In: Baking Accessories

Photo Credit: @Shelovesfruit

Many people picked up baking as a hobby this past year during lockdown, and now is the time to show it off. Christmas and holiday platters, decorative plates, serving utensils, mixing bowls, cookie jars and more are all in style and a great way to showcase your baking skills.


Out: All White Trees

Cuddled around a crackling fire with the scent of pine in the air—natural, warm and comforting are some of the first adjectives you think of when you think of the holidays with family and friends. On that note, all white synthetic trees are pretty much the opposite of that. The current trend is to keep things as simple and as natural-looking as possible. 


Now, that’s not to say flocking is out. Having a little faux snow on a tree adds a touch of wintery charm that is still big this year. But try to keep things warm, cozy and familiar with warmer hues and lights. 


What are your favorite holiday decor trends?