Dominique Coffman is one of our exceptional Interior Designers here at Design West, and we were lucky enough to get to chat with her about her life and her favorite designs—so come meet Dominique Coffman!


Where are you from? 

Syracuse, NY.


Where did you go to school? 

Graduated from Florida State University, with a major in interior design and minor in art history.


What was your favorite design project? 

The Park City St. Regis Hotel Penthouse. 


Why do you love interior design?

I love the challenge of not only creating new and exciting things that get my clients excited, but also getting creative and finding a way to make it work. I never let anyone tell me something is not possible. They wouldn’t hire a designer if it was something they could easily come up with or easily access themselves. I enjoy the pride of the final outcome of a successful design challenge but also the whole process to get there, learning from and collaborating with craftsmen in every trade.


What’s your favorite place to travel to? 

Colorado or Utah to ski, upstate New York to my family’s cabin on the lake, or the Keys with friends. It’s always nice to have that snow and beach balance.


What’s your favorite food?

I love hearty “Northerner” comfort foods that remind me of my upbringing, like beef stew and pot Roast. I cook dinner every night for my family, but I get the most praise for my annual Christmas prime rib and gravy.


Where or how do you get your inspiration?

Initial inspiration in a project starts with the client, their personality, lifestyle, needs and tastes, and then I will research magazines, architecture, other designs, social media, etc. to build from there. Staying up to date with current furniture trends, following brands and designers on social media and talking to other designer friends helps keep me inspired and on top of the latest trends. I enjoy collaboration with my team, other designers and architects. Of course, there is always inspiration to be found in nature, too!


What is your favorite color or texture to work with?

Every shade of white and every shade of blue. Everything coastal will always have a special place in my heart. It’s why I moved here!


What is your favorite interior design trend?

I love mother-of-pearl. It shimmers, it’s light and neutral, it can be fancy or casual, and it works well in so many Naples designs because of its coastal origin. 


How do you define your style?

I have designed so many completely different styles for clients in the past 11 years from minimalist modern to casual coastal to ornate gold gilded and carved traditional, I don’t think I have one defined style. I think the architecture and location of a home is what drives the interior style, but I tend to gravitate towards classic elements, or pieces that I feel will stay classic to the home they are in and stand the test of time. 


What are some quotes that guide your work?

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” 


I love being creative with other people and bouncing ideas off of each other. I think this quote is true in all aspects of life, not just work…..and something I tell my clients in every first meeting, “Design should be fun! You’re hiring us to make this an enjoyable process. You should be able to sit in your house at the end of this and not only be in love with your home but have great memories of getting to that point.”