Meet one of our favorite Interior Designers at Design West, Lindsay Molinario!

Where are you from?  Philadelphia, PA

Where did you go to school? High Point University

What was your favorite design project?  A new project that is not yet complete, but I love the mixed materials, bold colors and patterns, and overall contemporary feel. It also has a great view. This quick snipping of our presentation captures some of my favorite things about their design. This client has also been very easy to work with and excited about what we have been presenting, and it makes the design process that much more exciting.

Why do you love interior design? I love design because there are no limits on your creativity. I come up with some pretty crazy ideas, but I always feel like there is a way to make them appropriate for the specific situation, even if it means evolving them a little bit.

What’s your favorite place to travel to? Last year I went to Sedona, AZ. It was probably the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken, even though my days were very full. It was a sister-sister trip (with my twin sister and I and our two aunts), as well as my grandmom. This was my first vacation with this part of my family, and it was incredible to explore and enjoy nature and the amazing restaurants (with great views) with us all together. Plus, I checked a couple things off my bucket list that I wasn’t expecting to do with them: we went on a hot air balloon ride and visited the grand canyon after waking up at 2:30 am to drive 3 hours to watch the sunrise. It was just a great trip with so many views and memories

What’s your favorite food? I love comfort food, but my favorite is chicken tenders with honey mustard. No matter my mood, they always sound really good.

Where or how do you get your inspiration? I usually get my inspiration from nature and/or architecture. They’re complete opposites, but my design aesthetic is on the modern side, so I love taking the natural forms of nature and modernizing them with structure, straight lines and geometry.

What is your favorite color or texture to work with? Two of my favorite colors are green and orange. I would love to create a design with these colors individually. Green is such a relaxing color to me and orange is warm as an accent. Either would make a great accent color for a neutral palette.

How do you define your style? My style is very classic with a modern flair. I like taking classic forms and concepts and using modern patterns and colors as accents to make them more exciting—such as using a clean-lined dining table with a funky, modern chandelier.

What are some quotes that guide your work? “Do it with passion or not at all.” 

I put this quote on my graduation cap, and I still think it holds true in my mind. I think you will never succeed in anything if you are not doing it with passion. In design, this is very important when selling our designs as this is a client’s home. We want them to not only be comfortable in what we are selling them, but we want to share our passion with them and make them excited for the process. When we are excited, they get excited, and they become more comfortable in trusting us and letting us be creative.