Get to know Brooke Meyer, one of our beloved Lead Interior Designers. 

Where are you from? Tallahassee, Florida 

Where did you go to school?  Florida State University

What was your favorite project: Lakebend Preserve Court Project, which was a full remodel that we did completely in-house.  It was quite the transformation; from heavy Mediterranean to clean and contemporary.   

Why do you love interior design:  I love the fact that our team can completely transform spaces and directly impact the way individuals interact and feel in a space.  Residential interior design is so rewarding because you start off a project shaking hands with a complete stranger and by the end, you are practically family.  When a client says, “I would never use anyone but you ever again”, it is the most rewarding feeling in the world.  That means we have mastered our craft.    

Favorite place to travel:  Tough question… I would say my favorite places that I’ve traveled are Italy, Budapest, Hungary, and Prague. In the States, I love Chicago.  

What’s your favorite food?  Pizza.   

Where or how you get inspiration:  I used to travel frequently and would find inspiration in historical architecture, but now that I have two small children, I spend a lot of time following designers all over the world on social media and pulling pieces and parts of their ideas as inspiration.  My goal is to never completely copy an idea, but rather take an idea for its great qualities, and tweak them to better align with our specific client and project.  I always tell my clients, “just because it is on Houzz, Instagram, or Pinterest does not make it flawless or perfect.  There is always room for improvement and a way to personalize it to the space.”

What is your favorite color or texture to work with? This is a trick question, because BLUE is the most popular color in design in Southwest Florida.  I love blue, specifically steel blue/gray, however almost every time I meet with new clients I secretly hope that they will tell me that they want to use blush or champagne tones.  Most recently, we had a client that loved Fuchsia, and I was so excited to mix that color into the design.  As far as texture, I’m a fan in general.  Texture is one of the key elements of design for a reason. Depending on the design concept, I love mixing natural materials like beaded chandeliers and woven furniture for a more coastal feel. For more contemporary designs; wall coverings, or faux finishes that incorporate natural materials like mica, sand, and even wood veneers are fun ways to make a statement.

What is your favorite Interior Design trend?  As a designer, it is always a challenge to reflect the client’s unique design style.  When it comes to built-in cabinetry, I love using custom “statement” hardware that looks more unique and helps me thread the design concept through to those little details.

How do you define your style? I have a hard time defining my design style since my portfolio has everything from traditional, transitional to modern. I have designed homes that are extremely traditional with hand carving and gilding on every wood wall and ceiling detail, featuring ornate custom light fixtures and contrast trim on every drapery and piece of upholstery in the home, but that is not what the majority of my work consists of.  More often than not, I design very clean and transitional spaces with splashes of personality, because it appeals to the demographic in Southwest Florida.  Most recently, we completed a renovation project which took a heavy Mediterranean Florida home and transformed it into a crisp, warm, and airy contemporary space.  Our capabilities are endless, so what ignites our excitement for each project, is that each space and design doesn’t always have to reflect a specific design “style”.

What are some quotes that guide your work? “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” – Giorgio Armani

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus

So many of our most satisfied clients are the happiest, not because we designed a beautiful space, but simply because they feel that their home is a perfect reflection of them and their family.  The home can be such a healing space if the design has elements that not only remind the client of their past experiences but also cultivates new memories.