Meet one of our designers, Raquel Bloam, and hear her thoughts on interior design, trends and try her favorite recipe. 

Where are you from? DuBois, PA

Where did you go to school?  Kent State University

Why do you love interior design? It is like an art that you live in and interact with. It provides the stage you experience special life moments on, while also being a reflection of its inhabitants. It’s beautiful and complex, just like its occupants.

Where is your favorite place to travel? The Great Smoky Mountains in summer.

What is your favorite food?  








Where or how do you get inspiration? Minimalist art, California design trends, fashion, studying sustainable living, constant product discovery. I’ve always been inspired by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe and Frank Loyd Wright as well.

What is your favorite color or texture to work with? White. It’s crisp and enlightening. The basis and embodiment of all things good. The perfect foundation for every color. If my selection were limited to the rainbow, I gravitate most often toward rich blue-greens. I love dramatic, but ultra-clean textures like velvet or modern, over-scaled stacked stones.

What’s your favorite interior design trend? Plants everywhere. I love studying the psychological and physiological benefits of plants in interior spaces. I believe plants connect with us on our most primal level. We can’t help but find comfort and joy in them. No space seems complete to me without a splash of green.

How do you define your style? Honest minimalist, with a flashy side. I like to focus on and explore composition to make it a critical aspect of the design. Using few pieces that hold their own and interact with each other more so then focusing on “filling” space. Design for real people. Make every piece count; the less is more approach. The simple and sophisticated balance with fun, unexpected pieces, or interesting objects or materials.

Quotes that guide your work? I once heard that every space should be like a conversation, and every time you enter the space it should say something different to you. I want my designs to be a particularly interesting conversation that sticks with its occupants.