With many people working remotely and spending more nights in, staying at home can quickly go from feeling relaxing to tedious, boring, and even frustrating. There’s nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in your own home. Luckily, you now have the chance to spruce up your house by adding small touches and luxuries to turn a stay-at-home nightmare into your dream home. 



1.Get Movie Nights Right


Most theaters are temporarily closed or offering limited viewings, but that doesn’t mean your movie nights have to stop. A few improvements can turn your living room into an impressive film-viewing experience. Start by ensuring that your television screens are clean of dust, smudges and fingerprints. Instead of harsh ammonia- or alcohol-based glass cleaners, use a soft microfiber cloth and a little soap and water to ensure you don’t damage or strip any LCD or LED screens of anti-reflective coatings.

Next, turn your attention to creating a truly comfortable space. One of the best benefits of staying in for movies is that your couch is always much cozier than any movie theater seat. Make the most of it by adding beautiful, plush blankets and soft, decorative pillows. 

Lastly, don’t skimp on the tasty movie treats. From Twizzlers to Twix and Milkduds to M&Ms, you can grab boxes of most theater candies from any convenience or drugstore. While you can enjoy any snacks and drinks you want (it is your own home, after all), there’s just something about the smell and taste of popcorn you need if you’re recreating the movie theater experience. Reusable, stylized popcorn containers add charm and an element to fun to snack time while watching your favorite flicks. 



2. A Room of One’s Own


When everyone is stuck at home, even the most spacious spaces can feel cramped, causing tensions to rise. Help alleviate the problems before they start by designating work and play spaces for the whole family. Rather than using dining room tables for work and school or couches for playing, create specific, personal areas to introduce more structure for family members to focus. Something like a personal desk can give kids (and even adults) more ownership over their space, and they can help keep work messes and stresses to those areas. Whether it’s for studying, conference calls or just coloring, a desk or designated work area will help them feel more in control and offer a feeling of privacy and independence that can be lost when everyone is home all the time.



3. Bring the Outdoors In


There are numerous studies about the benefits of houseplants, so take the tried-and-true approach of adding more greenery to introduce a fresh feel to your home. Adding plants and elegant flowers will not only brighten up a home, they can improve the air quality and are shown to have positive effects on mood and behavior. 

Don’t have much of a green thumb? Discover easy to take-for plants like cacti, succulents and air plants. These don’t require much water and are hardier than other indoor plants. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, however, the fool-proof method is using artificial flowers and planters. Unlike the musty cloth flowers of old, there are many artificial alternatives that look incredibly realistic, allowing you to showcase your floral flair, regardless of the season or gardening prowess.



4. Make Your Yard More Inviting


Even if you aren’t leaving your property, that doesn’t mean you should forgo fresh air. Make your yard your own personal oasis by investing in a luxurious sitting area. Having a diverse mix of outdoor couches, seats, lounge chairs and more can offer fun variety to your outdoor relaxation. After all, there are few simple pleasures like taking a shady nap in a lovely hammock or reading a good book while lounging in the sunshine.

Want to shake things up more? Host a family cookout or midday picnic. Eating outside on fashionable patio furniture can make for a refreshing change of pace without sacrificing any creature comforts. Be sure to set up the umbrellas, too, to give you some respite from the sun or protect you during light summer showers.

If the day is too warm to stay outside long, consider adding small touches like fairy lights, torches and fire pits to your yard so you can enjoy the great outdoors well into the evening. Chatting around a crackling fire is always enjoyable, and no matter how old you are, the fun of roasting marshmallows for s’mores is something you never grow out of.



5. Light Up Your Life


We take a lot of cues from lighting, so don’t neglect the lighting in your own home. Soft, warm glows are more comforting and calming, and brighter, white lights help wake you up to let you focus. Replace old bulbs to LED energy-efficient bulbs or those that can better mimic natural light. Consider installing dimming switches for different rooms to reflect the mood and ambiance you want to cultivate. 

In addition, there’s always something to be said about having stylish lighting accents. Stunning lighting fixtures can become a focal point of a room and will brighten up your home in more ways than one.


Have any tips for us? How do you keep your home feeling fresh and fun?