With summer just around the corner, we’re all thinking about how best to enjoy the stunning Florida sunshine. While the beaches and parks are lovely, there’s nothing like relaxing in the comfort and beauty of your own backyard. Make the most of your outdoor space with our top five trends in outdoor living for 2020.


Natural Accents & Earth Tones

Photo credit: Taylor Simpson

When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, keeping things natural is the trend for 2020. Eco-friendly landscaping and nature-inspired décor earth tones make for a more harmonious mix for outdoor comfort. 

We are loving gardens that host local indigenous plants and blooms that encourage pollinators, like butterflies and honeybees. 

For furniture, wood and wicker pair beautifully with cushions or pillows in colors like terracotta, sand, navy blue, coral, forest green and other earth tones. Stone and rope table accents can also help pull your “hidden garden oasis” vibe all together.


Vertical Gardens

Don’t leave the greenery on the ground! One of the hottest trends for 2020 is mounted planters, ivy walls and vertical gardens. Not only do these work for small or large spaces, they bring a verdant, natural look to your space. 

Vertical gardens can be both gorgeous and utilitarian, depending on your preference and what you choose to grow. For fresh herbs or vegetables at the ready, many people plant vertical urban gardens. If you’re more interested in the form rather than function, fragrant blooms, ivy or simple succulents will give you an enviable aesthetic for your outdoors—just be careful with different crawling vines and ivy since they can cause structural damage to walls and buildings.  


Outdoor Wet Bar

Our favorite way to show off our style is by entertaining friends and family. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, there’s nothing more impressive than a fully stocked outdoor wet bar. 

Bars can come in many different styles to uniquely reflect your tastes, but the cream of the crop have all the bells and whistles behind the bar. If you’re investing in your outdoor entertaining area, we highly recommend getting a gas grill hookup, sink, keg and tap, and outdoor fridge to keep food and wine chilled. Best of all, you’ll never have to miss out on the fun and excitement to be a good host—all the food and drinks can already be outside, prepped for you to enjoy!


Solar Lights 

What’s the point of an incredible outdoor area if you can only enjoy it in the daylight? Solar lights can keep the party going all night long. Eco-friendly solar lights can light up patios or be strung across canopies to create a cozy, intimate feel. Choose from many different colors and styles of solar lighting to customize your look, from spotlight illumination to soft, decorative glows.


Pet Patios

Our pets may love the outdoors, but they can often be destructive if left to their own devices. More and more people are creating safe and comfortable outdoor spaces specifically for their furry friends to enjoy. Specially built dog runs, relief stations and catios (outdoor cat runs) help give pets an attractive place to romp and relax in the fresh air while keeping them from destroying landscaping, hurting wildlife or putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Beautifully designed fenced areas and relief stations with built-in irrigation can help you keep pet messes to designated spaces, ensuring that the rest of your yard stays pristine.

What’s your favorite outdoor living trend of 2020?