Want to give your house a facelift for the fall season? You can do it without making any permanent changes or spending too much time or effort on it. With just a few touches, you’ll be enjoying your new décor all season long, thanks to these five accessories.

1- Pillows and Throws

When selecting a throw to use in autumn, the snuggle factor is important. Go with soft, warm fabrics you’ll love to cuddle under to fight that chill in the air. You might want to grab two – one to use indoors and another you can use to warm up outside. That’s perfect if you enjoy spending crisp fall evenings on your patio or deck, looking at the stars while you sit next to a fire pit.

Pillows offer a great opportunity to add fashion and comfort into a room. You can opt for eye-catching, fall-inspired hues like orange, yellow, red, or brown that complement the season and your existing furniture.


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2- Dining Table Setting

An ordinary meal seems to feel special when served off of a well-set table. You can use colorful plates, dishes, and glasses showcasing the colors of the season. An autumn-themed centerpiece, like a small collection of gourds surrounded by natural-looking artificial maple leaves and sticks of cinnamon, can offer a gorgeous pop of color and an unmistakable fall scent.

Dining table settings for fall can be as fancy or rustic as you want them to be. Whether you choose a cozy or opulent feeling, you’ll be sure to love your new dining experience. Try pairing your existing place settings with seasonal flare!

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3- Fall Accessories

Pumpkins are the star of the season, so you can use them to dress up your yard, porch, patio, or deck. You can let their natural beauty shine through, or you can paint them shimmery shades like gold or bronze to make them focal points of a room.

You can add gourds or small pumpkins inside as well. Place them on the mantle above your fireplace, an old trunk, or windowsills to bring the beauty of the season indoors.

Candles add a warm glow to any room. To highlight the season even more, look for candles in fall-scented favorites, like cinnamon, cider, cloves, and pumpkins.

Want something a little different than candles? Try lanterns when decorating inside and outside your home for some extra flair and light. They add coziness to a room or make a showstopping statement when hung on a rope around the rails of a deck. Try painting pumpkins for a longer display life or spraying your carved pumpkins with bleach daily to prevent mildew.

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4- Front Door Décor

Dress up your front door for an instant pop of fall pizzazz. You can add a fall-themed friendly-looking scarecrow that will delight the kids in your neighborhood. A vivid wreath featuring fall leaves is also a classic standby.

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can gather pine cones, dip them in paint, and create a one-of-a-kind wreath. If you have a larger front door, a hay bale set off to one side of it adds more seasonal flavor. Try stacking real or faux pumpkins in your existing planters with a rod!









5- Floral Arrangements

Fall flowers offer your last burst of seasonal color from nature before winter arrives. So many flowers feature the brilliant shades of the season that it can be hard to narrow down which ones to use.

You can’t go wrong with mums, pansies, marigolds, and coneflowers. Don’t forget to pick the perfect vase to set off those hues. Try placing a small vase inside a carved pumpkin!









Drink It In

This season is a favorite for many people, but it seems to fly by quickly. Be sure to make the most of it, enjoying fall’s gorgeous natural beauty both indoors and outdoors. Check out last year’s post here for our favorite fall cider recipe.