Author: Madison Vincent

Bringing in natural elements to a space may seem simple to most. Many incorporate elements of the outdoors by using hardwood flooring and include greenery in their décor. These ways are good uses of natural elements and bringing in warmth within a space, but there are many ways that these elements can be used throughout the space to make a bigger impact. Some unpredictable ways that people can bring in nature are through textiles, wall coverings, décor, lighting fixtures, and even furniture.





Textiles are a simple way to bring outdoor elements indoors. Many textiles create an interpretation of natural patterns that you’d find in  the outdoors, to create a simple and easy way to incorporate them into your home. Some of these patterns include wood grain and floral, but some of our favorites include leather and cow on hide. These not only create an amazing visual appearance, they also incorporate texture within the space.




A wallcovering is a simple and easy way to create a statement within a room. Not only can you incorporate a printed wallcovering that allows the aesthetic of natural elements to come into a space, you can actually feature those materials to create a stunning accent wall. Grass cloth is an elegant wallcovering that not only is an organic material, it shows off stunning detail. The featured wall (left) consisted of recycled driftwood that went under a 3-step finishing process. This driftwood was coated in a metallic pearl glazing by a local artist and between the driftwood pieces, a mica wallcovering was accented behind the driftwood to add contrast and create an overall stunning feature in the home.






Another way to incorporate natural elements is live edge wood pieces; these can be used as counter tops, table tops, and even table bases. To create a statement, the use of a live edge sink in your powder bath will be the topic of conversation among your guests. As for lighting, the use of natural stone on pendants, sconces, and chandeliers is a stunning way to perfect and tie the entire space together. Bringing in these natural elements in an unpredictable way will create a unique space and let the eyes wander.




More about Madison…

After graduating from High School in Springfield, Missouri Madison moved to Pittsburg, Kansas to receive a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design, while minoring in Construction with emphasis in Graphic Design. She completed two separate internships before graduating to get more experience in the field. Madison is now at Design West to continue to learn and share her passion of design. She grew up in the construction industry visiting her dad on sites and knew that design was her passion. Madison never questioned what she wanted to be when she grew up because she was always sketching homes ever since Elementary school.  Her favorite thing is being able to create spaces that change the way people feel and interact. She loves being able to see people’s reactions and the way their faces light up seeing the amazing designs created for them. “It inspires me to continue doing what I love and strive to become even better.”