Author: Lindsay Molinario 

As the sixth plane of a space, the ceiling can often go unnoticed; however, it is the perfect surface to make a statement, whether it’s subtle or bold. The ceiling is untouchable, literally, which allows for material application and physical texture without the concern of obstruction. Using color, pattern, and composition the ceiling can develop an otherwise ordinary setting into something impactful, satisfying the overall experience of a particular space. At Design West we believe highlighting the ceiling is a timeless and classic style, however, not an easy feat (just ask Michelangelo). Bright or neutral, ceiling detail adds freshness and whimsy to the home. Say goodbye to the traditional white stucco, and welcome color and pattern in a way that’ll breathe life and creativity into a space.



A statement ceiling can be as simple as applying a wall covering, which is an easy solution when budget is a concern. Wall coverings completely change the feeling of a space, especially when considering the infinite possibilities of color and pattern. For example, to effortlessly complete your space, choose a light-colored wall covering with a small-scale pattern. Contrarily to amplify a design, select a bold pattern with high contrast. Overall, wall coverings, casual or elegant, can embrace any design style so it is all about the impression you want to make.




For clients who want to create a statement in a more traditional concept, opt for ceiling beams. With modern technology,  it is an architectural detail that can strictly be decorative. Like wall coverings, ceiling beams can harmonize with any space by selecting the appropriate finish and level of texture, as well as additional details, such as corbels and strapping. With more texture, beams will feel more natural and authentic. Regardless, they are going to create a comfortable atmosphere and bring warmth to the space.

Photo (shown right): Design West – Private Residence



If you’re looking to have more fun with your ceiling design, create physical texture with the use of molding for a completely unique, one-of-a-kind design. Molding is flexible where it can take on any desired form, so your design can be as clean-cut or as intricate as you would like. It can also be stained or painted, giving it complete adaptability to work with all designs imaginable. Create a geometric pattern, compose a motif, or be totally whimsical; molding gives you endless options without limitations.

Photo (shown right): Design West – Golf Magazine’s National Dream Home





More about Lindsay…

Lindsay Molinario grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia before attending High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world.

Lindsay received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, a CIDA accredited program, and graduated with Cum Laude. She also studied abroad in Italy, where she received a Certificate in Furniture Design and Sustainability.

As a designer, she thrives on combining her artistic background and technical skills to create a unique experience. Overall, her designs are innovative and beautiful without compromising functionality.