Interior Designer Caroline Ficquette has been interested in design since a young age. “I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom,” she says. “Now, I enjoy bringing a client’s vision to life.”

Caroline has been with Design West for six years. She graduated with her Interior Design degree from Florida State University in 2009. She believes that home – your safe space and where you spend much of your time – should reflect your personality while also providing comfort, harmony and balance.

Caroline’s favorite design trend right now is color saturation. Keep reading to discover her favorite aspects about this trend and how you can implement them into your home!

Color Saturation

Color Saturation Design TipWhile the neutral palette of whites, grays and beiges has been dominant in homes due to its versatility and classic appeal, color saturation is definitely the trend right now. Homeowners are finding unique ways to bring striking colors into their homes, whether it be for a dramatic or calming effect. You can bring vibrancy into your home through moody paint colors or as cabinet finishes. Ceilings are becoming the “fifth wall” as homeowners treat them with deep and striking colors or textures to make a statement.

Bold Accent WallsBold Accent Walls

Don’t be afraid to try a bold accent wall or ceiling! Accent walls in a bedroom, bathroom, or even the laundry room provide an area of interest. This can be done with saturated colors or eye-catching wallpaper. Deep color or textural wallpaper not only provides interest but also a cozy, curated feel. Bold accent walls are a great way to make your home fit with your unique personality and style.


Textured Patterns

Textured Patterns

Afraid to go overboard with bold, deep colors or wallpaper? Have no fear – there’s a foolproof way to add some personality to your home. Incorporate large patterns with a pop into your smaller accent pieces like pillows, throw blankets or rugs. This will easily create a personalized and thoughtful look without being over-the-top. Plus, you can change them out whenever you want!