Inspired by her family’s custom home business growing up, Allison Keevan has loved interior design since she was a child. Continuing her passion in her adult life, Allison interned at Design West while getting her bachelor’s at FSU. She now has her master’s in Interior Design and is an Associate Designer at Design West.

Allison’s favorite aspect of interior design?  “I love that I get to go to work every day and create something new. It’s really neat to be able to work through the entire lifespan of a design; from conception to final installation, getting to watch an idea grow, evolve, and come to fruition is really inspiring.”

With the constant presence of technology, there has been a movement towards incorporating nature-derived products into interiors as an effort to recharge and reconnect with nature. More and more people are looking for sustainable materials that will have less of an impact on the environment. Allison shares with us tips to incorporate natural elements into your home.

Create a Natural Effect using Flooring & Wallpaper

Create a Natural Effect using Flooring & Wallpaper Design West Powder Bath Dream Home

There are endless ways to incorporate natural elements into a home’s design. Some products are classics, such as hardwood plank floors, woven grasscloth wallpapers and wicker furniture. But there are new and trendy natural accents that are becoming popular, such as live edge shelving or tables, natural agate stone accessories and foliage-inspired print wallpaper. Adding an overall natural feel to your home can be accomplished by choosing to use these natural elements for flooring, walls or ceilings.

Build a Natural Color Palette & Play with Texture

Building a color palette that is inspired by nature is another way to reinforce this trend. Choose warm and cool neutrals and then add pops of color as accent pieces; this will create a timeless design that can be easily updated by selecting new accent colors later. Take the design to another level by selecting fabrics that have texture and compliment other natural pieces in your home. Nature never goes out of style, so you can feel confident in choosing this concept as the foundation of your design.

Use Wear-In Materials

When it comes to selecting natural materials, a good rule of thumb is to choose options that will “wear-in” versus wear out. Wear-in pieces of good quality and design will not only look natural but will be lasting and sustainable. For example, a leather sofa or hardwood floors gain personality as they age over time and will contribute to the natural look-and-feel of your home’s design.

Incorporate in Unexpected Ways

Adding natural elements to unexpected areas of your home will refine your nature-inspired design. Try incorporating warm, natural toned materials in sections of your home that you never considered enhancing. For example, natural wood as the feature element in ceiling detail/millwork, stone slabs on the wall to create a stunning fireplace detail, or a woven console table in living room. If you don’t want to go all-out with natural materials, incorporating live plants will create a similar effect. Added bonus: live plants clean the air and create a more cheerful environment.

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