Are you interested in today’s interior design trends? Cool colors, contemporary furnishings and unique accent pieces make a home look upscale. Get the latest recommendations from our designer, Dominique Coffman, in her interview with Tara Settembre from HelloSWFL and read more below:

1. Gray Color Palettes

Gray has become the neutral of choice. Using a gray palette creates a cool and calming space and works well with any design style. From flooring to fabrics to paint, this color has certainly become very versatile and current.

2. Agate Stone Accents

Agate stone has become very popular in home décor. It is believed to be a stone of strength, courage, healing and energy. Agate stone creates a contemporary look that is natural and earthy. It is most used as art pieces, wall panels, countertops and tables, but it can be replicated in wallpapers and fabrics as well. Backlighting makes the stone come to life. Agate is often brightly colored with different shapes and patterns, creating a strong statement in a home.

3. Live-Edge Wood

Live-edge wood can complement both rustic and contemporary designs. It is used in a variety of ways to create tables, countertops, desks, shelves, or decorative pieces. Live-edge wood has become popular because of its unique, organic look and its ability to warm up any space. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Crypton Fabrics

Have you ever spilled something on your white upholstered furniture? You might want to consider Crypton fabric. It’s a stain, moisture and odor resistant fabric that is perfect for those who want light upholstered furniture but not the stains that usually come with it. Liquids literally will “roll off” the fabric rather than seeping in. Many manufacturers now carry fabrics that are pretreated with Crypton. This is a great option for homes with children or pets, or for homeowners who like to entertain but don’t want to compromise their chic furniture.

5. Crystal Elements

Crystal is becoming a popular way to add an expensive touch to a home without actually breaking the bank. Crystal elements are being increasingly used in contemporary homes. These accents brighten up any space and can add sparkle to even the small details of a home, such as on cabinetry hardware. Crystal elements are now for everyone, not just the wealthy.
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