At Design West, three is definitely not a crowd!  We love adding the perfect trifecta of accents to balance a space, as well as enhance the color and life within the home. Whether you’re designing your space using the ‘Rule of Three’ or simply trying to add some bright accents for the summer, take a look our latest tips and ideas.

Accessories in Three

It can be challenging to envision the placement of accessories in a room in such a way that avoids a cluttered look. The easiest way to accomplish well-placed accessories is to think symmetry. Adding items and accessories opposite each other in groups of three balances out the room and adds a natural feel to the space. It’s important to remember that not everything needs be the same type of item to apply this rule. For example, certain accessories like art and plants can still even out the room without mirroring each other in location or color.


Three Colors in a Room

Traditionally the best way to choose three colors for a room is using the 60, 30, 10 rule: 60% for the main room color, 30% for the secondary color and 10% for the accent color. For example, a living room can be 60% neutral beige, 30% a bold color and 10% would be an accent color. As seen in the Arenas Model at Grey Oaks, we used a light coral color for the walls, which represents 60% of the room. 30% of the room is the dark coral bedding which matches accessories in the room and 10% is the light blue accent color.



Arranging Furniture

Whatever your current furniture selection, the rule of three can help you place your main furniture into cohesive groupings. To create an artful grouping, choose furniture of similar size and shape. When designing the Biella Model in Grey Oaks, our designers paired this patterned ottoman with a neutral sofa and dark side table, creating a cohesive collection of furniture that looks well integrated.