cider-floatIt may still be a bit warm in Southwest Florida, so we love this new twist on Apple Cider for the fall! Perfect for a hot day, these Apple Cider Floats are refreshing, yet still make you feel like the fall season has begun. Not to mention, you simply need four ingredients: apple cider, ice cream, caramel ice cream topping and cinnamon!

Apple Cider Floats
Apple cider
Ice cream (can also use dairy free ice cream)
Caramel ice cream topping (can use dairy free caramel sauce)

In a glass add two scoops of ice cream. Then drizzle a spoonful of caramel ice cream topping on top of the ice cream. Also add a pinch of cinnamon on top.
Pour in the apple cider until the ice cream is covered. Then add another scoop of ice cream on top. Drizzle another spoonful of caramel on top and add another pinch of cinnamon on top of that. Serve cold with a spoon or straw.

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