Beolab182Award winning, optimal sound, beautifully crafted. Available exclusively at Design West.

The BeoLab 18 is “the crowning glory” of Bang & Olufsen that combines design, acoustic technology and unprecedented sound performance, taking wireless audio quality to a whole new level.

The acoustic lens spreads optimal sound quality evenly through the room in a 180-degree horizontal arc. Beautifully crafted from aluminum, the lens is further accentuated with a subtle green glow when BeoLab 18 is turned on. A stunning touch of engineering with sound performance at its heart.

The BeoLab 18 design started in 1992 as the BeoLab 8000, the most sought after speaker in Bang 7 Olufsen’s history. Designer Torsten Valeur’s stylish re-interpretation of the iconic BeoLab 8000 introduces a unique and elegant front panel, available in maple, oak, black or white composite.The 90-year special edition BeoLab 18 comes with a Rose golden aluminum cabinet and acoustic lens on the top, an elegant walnut lamella front and a black castBeoLab18 iron floor base.

This exclusive collection, containing six of our most current and iconic designs, is a living illustration of a love affair spanning from our origin in the roaring twenties into the future.

Say goodbye to speaker cables. Take home the BeoLab 18 and try wireless freedom throughout your home without compromising sound quality.