“Whatever you do in your decorating philosophy, be brave….never wish you hadn’t taken your vision right to the end.  Make a bold statement.”   – Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations


 In today’s tech savvy, internet sharing world that we live in attaining access to quick design solutions is quite the norm.  Trends, techniques, and tricks of the  trade are endlessly shared and as a result of this the general public has grown to be more design savvy and self motivated. Yet so many people are still looking for that final finishing designer touch to set their homes apart from the rest of their friends’ homes in their closest social circles.


How can you achieve this you may ask?  It’s about incorporating one bold piece that you absolutely love into your design.  What do I mean by bold?

Something unique that does not conform to the everyday design that you see so frequently.  Are you one of those families who use their outdoor lanai furniture more than their family room furniture?  Instead of a typical seating arrangement to host your casual alfresco conversations what about an arrangement featuring a suspended bench swing.  Do you find joy in the element of surprising your guests while entertaining?

Incorporating paneled wall details into the dining room with a hidden door leading to the bar or butler’s pantry will surely keep your guests talking long after your famous key lime pie is served.  Are you an avid reader and love to spend a Sunday afternoon curled up with a good book?  Why not channel your inner archivist and create a custom built-in bookcase as an accent headboard wall housing your collection of prized novels.


And don’t worry about messing up or potentially doing it wrong; this should be about focusing on areas of your home that you spend a lot of time relaxing, entertaining in, etc. and adding a touch of creativity to show others just how passionate you are about it.  As long as you are true to you the rest of the pieces will just fall into place!