The history of mirrors date back to ancient times when mankind first saw reflections in a pond or river and considered it magic. In modern times, designers still consider mirrors somewhat “magical” in the way they can dramatize a space with ease.  As seen in our Aqualane Shores Model, adding a mirror creates depth while adding perspective and interest to a space. By adding a framed mirror to the wall of a living area, you can magnify color, light and increase the size of a room-just like magic.

Mirrors can also help in concealing storage, especially within an area with a narrow or small space. The designers in this project devised an interesting solution to make the kitchen appear larger, while also solving the issue of storage in a tight space.

As seen in this image from Houzz, the mirrors are cleverly masking the shelving and cupboards within the island. Read more on Houzz for the full story of “Why Designers Love a Mirror”