Designer, Kelsey Talis

Designer, Kelsey Talis

Design Tips for the Single Man 

“I’ve had a lot of friends who constantly ask for design help in their homes. I know some men would rather not touch on the topic of design and just leave their home sparse and random – however deep down, they are just in need of a little guidance on tips and trends, and what is considered “acceptable” in the design world.”

Matchy-Matchy is out, Mix and Match is in.

If you have moved from place to place, odds are you have a few items here and there that have stayed with you throughout your moves. You do not have to trash these items, pair them with new items! If you have an old trunk that you used to transport items, or furniture with you, use it as a nightstand in one of your bedrooms. On the other side of the bed use a more clean lined, modern nightstand. This contrast gives a room character and allows for guests’ eyes to move about the whole room.

Use what you have, just update with accents.

If you  still have some furniture from college that’s still in good shape, that’s fine – however it may need some help. Dress up your sofa with a nice throw blanket and some decorative pillows. Having (2) pillows, one large and one smaller, on either side of your sofa makes it seem more inviting and full.

You have hobbies and interests, show people.

There are walls to hang things on, tables to place things on, furniture to put things in/on. Take that autographed Babe Ruth photograph you have and hang it in your living area. Use old trophies as paper weights, or decorative accents for dressers, or console tables.  Don’t just throw away the magazines you get, place your Golf Magazine and Autoweek on your coffee table with some coasters and a high school yearbook; that type of memorabilia always sparks conversation amongst guests.

Create a good looking bar area.

Everyone has their go-to drink of choice. Purchase a nice looking decanter for your favorite liquor and pair this with a cocktail shaker, jigger and bottle opener. You don’t have to have a huge bar furniture piece to create this area; section off a portion of your counter top, throw a nice looking tray down and place these bar-tools on top.