Masculine and Feminine Bedroom

Model Home from Grey Oaks Country Club


My husband and I have two conflicting styles, mine of course, more feminine and colorful and his more modern and simple. How do you recommend combining both our styles within one main design such as our bedroom? 


With a room so personal such as your bedroom, you want to feel comfortable in the space. That being said, conflicting styles is a common predicament couples find themselves in, but there is nothing to fret! Start by creating a list of items that you and your husband cannot live without; take a look at your lists, combine and simplify. If you have a colorful bedding set you love, let your husband choose a clean-lined bed. If your husband has a dresser with a sleek, modern feel, add some decorative accessories a top it. This can be as simple as adding an elegant vase where you can bring in different colors in the flowers, and alternate them every season.

Artwork can be another fun area to bring in compromising aspects. If your husband finds a crisp contemporary piece he enjoys – switch out the frame to something more vintage-glam that suits your style more. The key is not to over clutter, really hammer down with what it is you each love; relate and simplify. You may surprise each other in having more commonalities than you think. The beauty in design is that the ‘rules’ are really just guidelines, you just have to have the courage to take a leap of creativity. Remember, it is a fun process; as Juan Montoya said “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” Enjoy!